Oury Clark
in a nutshell

Industry Professional services including Accountancy, Tax Advice, Recruitment, Payroll, Insolvency and Legal Services
Number of customers 2000+

Investing in Slough

Oury Clark originally set up in Eton High Street in 1935, but moved to Slough as they expanded. Oury Clark bought the land that their building stands on and built their own offices, close to Slough High Street.

In summary

  1. The largest independent professional firm in Slough.
  2. One of only a few dual practice firms in the UK (Accountants & Lawyers)
  3. Born and bred and always been HQ in Slough.
  4. Original and primary providers of professional services to UKTI.
  5. The original one stop shop for professional services.
  6. Produce a guide to doing business in the UK – called “The Big Red Book”
  7. Producing a series of information videos called “Oury Clark Informs” the first one covering the joined up approach.  The next one will be on “R&D tax credits”.
  8. Members of many international Chambers of Commerce and other inward investment organisations like the British & American Business Council

Oury Clark

The excellent level of education in Slough, with its great mix of grammar schools, academies and private schools also provides a local skilled workforce.

Jo Wright - Business Development at Oury Clark

Why Slough?

The main focus of Oury Clark’s business is Inward Investment, helping overseas companies open offices in the UK.  The Partners travel extensively throughout the world and find that Slough provides excellent access to the air, train and road network- it provides the perfect sweet spot between affordability and accessibility.

Oury Clark’s clients come from a vast range of industries, the majority of which are located close to Slough. These industries include farming, transport, med-tech and ICT.   

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