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Industry Europe’s leading owner and developer of industrial space.
Number of customers Over 1600.
Claim to fame They own and manage the Slough Trading Estate. All of it. It is the largest in Europe owned by one private group.

The Simplified Planning Zone

Slough Trading Estate is the only place in the south of England with Simplified Planning Zone status. It is a ten-year agreement with the Council that gives planning consent to put buildings to industrial use, or make them warehouses or data centres, as long as they are within the agreed design parameters.

We can now bring bespoke facilities to companies more quickly than anywhere else in the south of England. This speed has been critical for attracting and retaining many of the companies on the estate, like the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer Lonza and the world’s largest manufacturer of tamper-evident closure sealing products, Selig.

It means Slough is competitive with major European cities like Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Paris, and even countries in the Far East, like Malaysia.

The Simplified Planning Zone does not just mean quicker delivery. It means certain delivery, too. We can tell companies there is no planning risk or chance of delay. That makes a big difference and gives Slough and the Thames Valley a huge competitive advantage.

The Enterprise Quarter

We created the Enterprise Quarter in 2007 for our smaller businesses. It is a more flexible space, with short-term leases available (move in or out with just three months’ notice). We include a lot of costs and service charges in the rental price.

The Quarter is branded differently to the rest of the estate to show it is tailored towards smaller businesses. The leases are easy to understand. There is a new café, businesses can hire meeting spaces and invite customers and clients along.

Our secret knowledge

  • Slough is the main data centre hub in the UK. There is a power station on the estate, high degree of fibre connectivity, lots of fibre providers onsite, and the estate is close to London. Also, it is not an area that is likely to flood, and it is not under any flight paths.
  • The Thames Valley’s next generation is smart. GCSE levels in Slough’s secondary schools are very high. There are 20 universities and higher education institutions within 50 miles of the town and 38% of workers have a degree or above (the British average is 30%).
  • Slough Trading Estate is one of the most secure business areas in the south of England. We use 86 CCTV cameras to monitor it every minute of every day. Since we installed them in 1992, crime has dropped by 92%.


SEGRO in Slough said, "We share the same sorts of aims as the Council. We want to bring businesses to Slough and keep them here, put money into the local economy, and help regenerate the area. - We have got strong relationships with the local authority, councillors and the local community..."

Paul Lewis - Regional director at SEGRO


‘It is all here’. Part of the attraction to us is the diverse range of businesses. There is everything from O2 Telefónica and RIM HQs, right down to 500-square-foot businesses and start-ups. We have a range of companies and range of sectors. Just about every sort of company is here.

Slough has such an active business community, it is right at the heart of the knowledge-based economy of the Thames Valley. The Slough Trading Estate has been the leading location for business for over 90 years, and it continues to grow and adapt to meet the demands of forward-thinking businesses. We have completed over 1 million square feet of new buildings on the Slough Trading Estate since 2005 and will complete a further 360,000 square feet in 2012, by working in partnership with our customers to provide the right facilities for them.

Looking forward, the Slough Trading Estate will continue to evolve under the new Masterplan agreed with Slough Borough Council, including the exciting IQ Slough development of 1.5 million square feet of offices, hotels and associated amenities.

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