Protecting the Future: Slough 2040

We are keen here in Slough to make the future rather than have it happen to us.  Ensuring we can track trends and identify opportunities is important to us.  We are keen to get a grip on what those trends and opportunities might be.

We believe the best way of doing this is to bring thought leaders together in a room, smash them together and see what comes up.

This event will give speakers and participants from all sectors the opportunity to discuss what the future will look like at our first ever ‘unconference’, which simply means the agenda is created by participants on topics they’re interested in.  The common thread joining the topics together is how or what Slough looks like in 2040.  We would love to discuss that future and understand what part you might play in it.

  • Health – what part will new technology and services play in delivering healthcare and medicine to improve our lives?
  • Work - what will it look like, what skills will we need and what impact will AI and robotics have on jobs?
  • Security – cyber, children, people and places, online CCTV, offline and more
  • Homes – multi purpose, modular, high rise communities, IoT
  • Travel and transportation – driverless cars, drones, sustainability
  • Learning – schools, home learning, lifelong learning, will qualifications be important and who will be delivering them?
  • Retail - click and collect, more sectors, niche, new trends and products, will high streets still exist?
  • Leisure - video, 3D, immersive, holographic, how will we be spending our downtime?
  • Environment - how do we protect our world?
  • Money - universal basic income, bitcoin, block chains, what payment systems will we be using?
  • Culture - what does this mean in the future?
  • Space - public realm and open spaces, what will this mean to us and will it be used?

Come and join the conversation on Thursday 9th November at The Porter Building (opposite Slough Station).

Registration from 9am, ‘unconference’ will begin at 9.30am and finish by 4pm (latest).

Refreshments and lunch included.

To register to attend the event please visit and complete your details.

If you have any queries please contact Simon Hall on or 07801 466679.  If you’d like to speak on any of the above topics or have a topic not mentioned please let us know asap.

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th November.

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