Beauty Blooms at Slough Trading Estate

Two health and beauty companies, Naturisimo and MooGoo, are moving to new premises on SEGRO's Slough Trading Estate in order to expand their business operations.

Leading organic beauty store Naturisimo sells natural and eco-friendly products free from harmful toxins, pollutants and chemicals. It is currently located at Slough Trading Estate's Enterprise Quarter, a dedicated space for small enterprises and start-ups which supports growth by creating a business hub with an entrepreneurial focus.

Due to business expansion Naturisimo is relocating from its current 1,759 sq ft unit to a new 2,992 sq ft facility within the estate at 944 Yeovil Road on a five-year lease.

Peter Jackson, Director of Naturisimo said:

"As a company, Naturisimo has a strong set of ethical values and dedication to exemplar customer service levels, so where we chose to locate our company is naturally very important to us. Supported by SEGRO, a seamless transition into new premises at Slough Trading Estate will enable us to continue to meet our customers' requirements and benefit from being part of the thriving business community at the estate."

Australian skincare company MooGoo is moving into a 5,161 sq. ft. unit on a ten-year lease at 800 Oxford Avenue. MooGoo is a popular, natural brand for people with skin problems and is a well-established brand in Australia. Its range of natural and gentle products are based on "udder cream" used in dairy farms.  Like Naturisimo, their ingredients are carefully selected and derived solely from plant oils and extracts.

Louisa Kington, leasing manager in SEGRO's Thames Valley business unit, said:

"It is fantastic to be supporting these two distinctive and high-growth potential firms as they build their brands in the UK.  Naturisimo and MooGoo are adding to the rich mix of companies operating at the Slough Trading Estate. Their arrival is further testimony to how SEGRO works to meet the evolving needs of its customers, from start-ups based in the Enterprise Quarter through to UK or European headquarters for global businesses." 

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