Airport expansion set to fuel business growth in the Thames Valley

In a meeting with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, a Heathrow director claimed that an expansion to the airport will allow substantial business growth in the nearby region.

Heathrow, who claim that a third runway is essential to maintaining their reputation as one of Europe's major 'hub' airports, ensured that
"If you were starting from scratch and you had to pick a place to put and airport, you would pick somewhere around west London or the Thames Valley."

Heathrow is connected to the M4, M25, major rail links to Paddington and much more. It is also within close proximity to 200 of Britain's top 300 companies.

The proposed third runway has the potential to create 120,000 jobs, with 50,000 in the local area, claim Heathrow.

The Airport Commission are reviewing it's options with a plan to expand UK's air capacity by 2015.
Other options include expanding Gatwick Airport or creating a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

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